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Reconcilliation AustraliaUnfortunately, casual racism against Australia's indigienous people is still fairly rife and seems to be accepted in a way that it would not be for any other group. This week is National Reconciliation Week, which uses the anniversary of our indigenous people being brought under common law with the rest of the Australian population, to highlight the ongoing need for non-indigenous Australians to respect Aboriginal people and culture. The week celebrates the referendum in 1967 which removed the federal right to make separate laws for Aboriginal people. It never fails to amaze me that whilst the world was protesting against apartheid in South Africa in the 1960's, in several Australian states Aboriginal people did not have the right to vote. Learn about Reconciliation week here.


So. Rather than leave everything to Facebook and all the anoyances that entails I have ditched my account and turned my old site into a blog. There are some rather old overviews of my past work, a few random pages on my interests and, by default, whatever random stuff I've felt like posting.

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