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UtopiaUtopia is the latest film by John Pilger, a journalist who has been making films describing the treatment of Australia's indigenous population for some time. It was on free-to-air TV here in Australia last week and has previously been shown on TV in the UK. It certainly lacks subtlety and doesn't champion many positive stories, but it is valuable none-the-less because it is an appalling situation and one which most Australians pretend does not exist or is the fault of the people concerned.  There has been quite a bit of animosity against the film for those very reasons and it is interesting to read Adam Goodes' response to that here. Adam Goodes is the current Australian of the year and an successful indigenous footballer. If you are in Australia it can still be watched online at SBS on demand here , or you can watch it here from anywhere in the world. Finally, you can visit John Pilger's site about the film here.


So. Rather than leave everything to Facebook and all the anoyances that entails I have ditched my account and turned my old site into a blog. There are some rather old overviews of my past work, a few random pages on my interests and, by default, whatever random stuff I've felt like posting.

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