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A few weeks ago I did a 'webinar' for the AWRI. This basically gave the main results we've generated in the Wine Australia funded Vine Balance project that I lead (a collaboration with the NWGIC in Wagga Wagga). They've put it online, although it is audio and presentation only, no video of me you'll be relieved to note. Not exactly my greatest presentation, as usual, I didn't end up with much time to prepare, but it gives an overview of the work. We'll be doing a grower event in May/June, followed by a final report for the funders. In fact I'll be over in Tasmania in a couple of weeks, taking about this in conjunction with some other work.  Really must start on writing the presentation....


So. Rather than leave everything to Facebook and all the anoyances that entails I have ditched my account and turned my old site into a blog. There are some rather old overviews of my past work, a few random pages on my interests and, by default, whatever random stuff I've felt like posting.

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